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What is a family practice doctor?

Who They Are and What They Do A family practice doctor is a primary care physician who provides comprehensive care…

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no insurance

High Deductibles or No Insurance- How to Get Great Primary Care Anyway

If you have no health insurance or insurance that is costly yet covers little, you are not alone. Many Americans…

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family physician

Finding a Long-Term Family Physician: Mistakes, Costs and Questions

Are you searching for better healthcare for you and your family? Finding a great family doctor can be one of…

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Primary Care Wilmington

10 Benefits of Membership-Based Family Medicine in Wilmington, NC

Finding an independent primary care or family care practice in Wilmington where you are not just a number, is difficult,…

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Pediatric Care

What to look for when choosing pediatric care in Wilmington, NC

Medicare completed a study that looked at changes in telehealth visits. Patients who utilized telehealth care increased from 840,000 visits…

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lung function test

Your Lung Function Test Questions Answered by Wilmington Family Doctors

According to the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (ODPHP), over 25 million Americans have asthma. Moreover, 14.8 million…

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What to Expect from Direct Primary Care in Wilmington NC

The doctor-patient relationship is critical to effective medical treatment. The New York Times reports that patients who don’t trust their…

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Everything to Consider When Choosing a Family Doctor in Wilmington

Choosing a family doctor is such an important decision. Your family doctor is your go-to resource for your family’s healthcare…

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Primary Care Practices Wilmington

Primary Care Practices Wilmington: A Complete Guide

40% of Americans report skipping an important medical test, even when it’s recommended. 44% report not seeing a doctor when they…

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North Carolina Government Agencies Innovate in Employee Benefits, Leaving Private Employers in the Dust

The “guv’ment” gets a lot of criticism these days, sometimes justified, sometimes not.  But one place where the government around…

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