Primary care the way it should be

A personal physician that you know and trust
Easy, convenient access to your doctor
Transparent pricing with no surprises

Only $55-$95 a month


Independent Family Practice in
Wilmington, NC


Complete primary care for one low monthly price

Most of us are familiar with the long waits, runaround, and surprise bills that come with conventional primary care. This system is broken, so we set out to create a better way. We offer individuals, families and employers highly personalized primary care for a simple, flat monthly rate no matter your insurance status.

Don’t Settle. Get the Healthcare Experience You Deserve.

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Easy Access to Your Doctor

Our patients never avoid getting care because they have convenient, unrestricted access to their personal physician who they get to know and trust.

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One Low Monthly Fee

It’s simple. No co-pays or surprise bills. Our patients are members, and for a set monthly rate, they receive urgent care, wellness care, procedural care, pediatric care and much more from their personal physician.
No insurance required


At work? On vacation? When healthcare needs arise, our members can simply text, call, send pictures, or video chat with their doctor directly, from anywhere.


Affordable Labs and Prescriptions

Our members enjoy deep discounts on labs and prescription medications, provided right from our office.

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Limited Number of Patients

Your physician has only a fraction of the patients that are typical in a conventional primary care practice. More availability means more time and attention on you.

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So Much More

Since we spend zero-time checking boxes and paper pushing for all the go-betweens, we have time to get to know you, listen and address your unique health needs and goals. Our members enjoy little-to-no wait time to see their doctor and get as much time as they need.

Better care, less money.


$30 monthly
*with adult members

  • Well-child visits
  • Sick visits
  • School/sport physicals
  • Diagnostic tests (flu, strep, etc.)
  • Procedures (e.g. sutures)
  • Telehealth (phone, video or text)
  • In-office medication dispensing


Age 22-30
$55 monthly

Age 31-64
$75 monthly

Age 65+
$95 monthly

  • Physicals
  • Sick visits
  • Chronic disease management
  • Wellness and nutrition
  • Women's care (e.g. pap smear)
  • Diagnostic testing (e.g. EKG's, skin biopsies)
  • Procedures (e.g. sutures, abscess treatment)
  • Discount on labs
  • Telehealth (phone, video or text)
  • In-office medication dispensing

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