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Common FAQs

Get answers to our most common questions about this new kind of medical practice
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We Focus on Patients, Not the Insurer

Unlimited, highly personalized primary care for an affordable, flat monthly rate.
No matter your insurance status.   
Our Mission at Promina Health
No co-pays or
Have a relationship with your primary care Doctor
A relationship with your doctor
No surprise medical bills from the hospital or insurance companies
Affordable, no hidden fees or surprise bills
Unlimited visits with your direct care provider
Unlimited visits and direct access to your doctor via phone, secure text, or email
No waiting and longer appointments with your doctor
Little to no waiting and longer appointments
No middlemen insurance companies with our direct care model
No middlemen. Hassle-free.

What We Do

We provide care the way it used to be…where doctors knew their patients and their families, and took great care of them all.

How is this possible? We spend zero time chasing down insurance payments, and all of our time getting to know our patients, listening, and intervening early. 

Patients save time and money, and get far better care. See full list of Member Benefits and Pricing.
Corporate Primary Health Care For Employers

For Employers

Medical care for your business that shares the values that have
made you successful – hard work, innovation, and value.
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Family Care Practice

For Individuals

Highly-personalized direct primary care for families and children of all ages, at a fraction of the cost.
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The Direct Primary Care Difference
Comparison chart of direct primary care versus conventional health care


Healthcare Testimonial

Betty, Facebook review

I joined over a month ago. Love having a doctor that really cares, takes time to know you and your health issues. Will work with you on a plan for your issues. Very affordable. I am recommending Promina Health to everyone I know.