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At Promina Health, we believe that the best way to provide exceptional care is to listen to our patient's experiences. Read what our patients have said about their journey with us and explore the reviews to get a better understanding of Promina Health. Contact us today to experience exceptional healthcare today!

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Ryan Smith, Patient

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Curt, Patient

From a small business standpoint, you have a flat cost structure that’s easy to manage. It also helps staff feel comfortable, knowing that if something is really bothering them. they’re going to nip it in the bud and deal with the problem when it’s small.


I cab go in for my appointment..and if for some reason my child is also not felling well, we can be seen at the same time. As a busy working women to three kids, it’s a no-brainer.


There’s no waiting time to see my doctor. Most doctors have you sitting two or three hours.


WE have found ourselves financially better off, with for better care.


Everyone at Promina Health is absolutely amazing. Each patient is looked at individually, not like an assembly line.


This is how primary care should be! Patients get the care and attention they deserve at fair prices. I’m never going back to being one of a million patients in the giant insurance-fueled healthcare system.


I love that there’s a no rushed feeling when in the office. The doctor takes time to actually listen. And I enjoy I have access to talking with him on other platforms, without an office visit.


The very best care my family and I have ever received. Don’t waste your time looking for another doctor.


My doctor is truly here for his patients. Not only does he listen attentively, he provides resources before medications are introduced.Choosing to give alternatives to patients, instead of medicating the and masking other issues. The prices of his services are affordable to those of us who struggle with finding health care. He is a doctor that puts his patients first before products. He embraces the oath doctors take, and ensures his patients know it. He goad above and beyond for his patients. If you are looking for a doctors that will truly help you to the best of his ability you will find it here at Promina Health.


Best healthcare I’ve ever had!


Direct Primary Care will change your perception of what health care can be when you remove the insurance entanglement and work directly with a doctor and staff who care. Dr. Lanier and his team care about your health and your healthcare experience from end-to-end. Broke your leg while traveling They’ll chat with remotely and make sure you don’t get screwed at a random Urgent Care. Need a vaccine they can’t provide? They will call around to help find the best price. Need a specialist? They can weigh in during the process. If you care about your health care and prefer to not have an insurance company dictating your provider, price and treatment options then I highly recommend this model and this practice.


I’m so lucky to have found Promina Health last year. In the year that I have been a patient, I have had more of my health issues addressed than in my last 10 years! Dr. Lanier has helped me find better ways to manage my diagnoses with the least amount of prescriptions as possible. He has spent more time getting to know my medical history, health need and helping me decide what needs addressing first, etc. than any doctor I can remember. I never feel rushed or as if my concern are not important. Even his medical assistant gets to know you and is helpful! I am sharing my experience and recommendation with everyone!


I joined over a month ago. Love having a doctor that really cares, takes time to know you and your health issues. Will work with you on a plan for your issues. Very affordable. I am recommending Promina Health to everyone I know.