Enrollment Fee
A one-time, non-refundable enrollment fee will be charged to each new billing account that is based on age and is equivalent to the monthly membership fee.

Membership Fees
Our membership fee(s) are charged at the end of the month for services provided and are billed on an ongoing basis until cancellation. Payment of membership fees is required to remain an active member and receive service.

ALL members must enroll for Auto-Pay of invoices. Due to our low staff and low overhead business model we cannot invoice or bill membership or other fees. Memberships require NO LONG-TERM CONTRACTS or commitments. However, cancellation and re-enrollment may require a fee as noted below.

You may cancel your membership at anytime for any reason by phone, message or mail. All charges, including membership fees, will continue to accrue until notice of cancellation is given.

If a member discontinues membership - by choice or lack of payment -  the member may rejoin Promina Health in the future but will be required to pay an "Re-Enrollment" fee of $300 per member in addition to other standard charges to re-establish your membership(s) as active.

Service Fees
All services not covered by membership fees (e.g. after-hours visit, non-covered labs, etc.) may be required to be PAID IN-FULL AT THE TIME OF SERVICE.  Members may pay by cash, check or credit/debit card. Some charges may be added to the next month's invoice at our discretion.

"No-show" charges
All cancellations for scheduled visits must be done a minimum of 4 hours prior to scheduled time. If you do not show for your appointment, or are excessively late for your scheduled time, a $20 fee may be charged for the missed visit. Exceptions may be granted at our discretion.

Full details are included in the Promina Health Patient Agreement and will be reviewed when the patient establishes care, prior to any financial charges.