We help make your benefits work better and lower your overall health costs.

For self-insured employers, offering Direct Primary Care is a no-brainer. With Promina Health, your employees get unlimited highly-personalized, comprehensive care that aims to keep them healthy and out of the more expensive parts of the system (ER, Urgent Care,etc).  And you, the employer, see your Primary Care claims disappear and huge cost savings in other areas, such as labs and prescription medications. 

For fully insured employers, Direct Primary Care can serve as the foundation of a medical plan and give you leverage to select and design a more affordable plan. 

Businesses of all types-- from small businesses and tech companies, to local governments—are benefiting from Direct Primary Care.

How do we save you money?

Cost Containment

For a flat monthly fee, we deliver 80-90% of your employees’ health care, which reduces their need for more expensive services and eliminates your primary care claims.

Better Access

Smaller patient panels (600 patients vs. 2,000) gives your employees concierge-level care and around the clock access to their doctor via phone, secure text or email.

Early Intervention

Time is our secret weapon. Our doctors spend more time with patients, listening and intervening early to prevent bigger problems that can result from fragmented or rushed care.

Direct Pricing

You’ll see drastic savings on labs and prescription medications--dispensed right from our office. See how our prices compare here.

Easy Implementation

A Promina Health membership can be easily integrated into an existing benefits plan, and offered as an option that employees can choose along with other benefit plan options.

Minimized Absenteeism

When your employees need care, we offer the convience of virtual visits, or same-or- next-day appointments,with little to no waiting when they arrive.

Reduced catastrophic Claims  

Practices like ours have been shown to improve health outcomes and reduce surgeries, and ER, hospital and specialists visits. (Br Med J, Oct 2013)

Healthcare Hub

If outside services are needed, we become a “healthcare quarterback” -- coordinating with other providers and closely overseeing their care every step of the way. 

Retain Talent  

Offering a direct primary care membership as part of your benefits plan can set you apart; not to mention, people love it. See what our patients are saying .

The Promina Health Difference

Below is a cost savings example of a Promina Health patient with type 2 diabetes.  

This is the net savings after factoring in the monthly membership to Promina Health.

Reducing Claims and Improving Health

Take a look at how self-insured employers across the country are saving money with Direct Primary Care
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